I’m running for re-election.


In 2019, Medford residents elected me to my first term as city councilor. You gave me a chance to serve based on countless conversations on doorsteps, phone calls, events, and word of mouth.

In my first term, I have worked hard to deliver for Medford.

In my first year on the council I introduced and passed a resolution for an expansion of eligibility for the senior tax deferral program.

I submitted the amendment adding language for brewpubs to the new brewery zoning amendment, paving the way for breweries and brewpub restaurants to open in Medford.

I advocated for better pedestrian and bike infrastructure in Medford through multiple resolutions.

I pushed for budget inclusion and funding of translation services for city communications.

I fought for preserving historic buildings and open space in our community.

I co-sponsored the resolution classifying systemic racism as a public health crisis in Medford.

I’ve pushed the council to take action on preserving our tree canopy and elevating a diverse set of voices through the proposed Gender Equity Commission.

I fought to give the local anti-poverty community action agency the money they need to administer emergency rental assistance for those facing housing insecurity in Medford.

I pushed for monthly updates and information on Medford's fight against the coronavirus.

I voted against a budget that I felt forced our schools to bear too much of the burden for a lean year.

I made a commitment to voters to be your voice on the council, and I believe I have done that.

But my work is not done yet, which is why I’m running for re-election and asking for your vote.

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