Sustainable, community-led development

  • Strengthen communication pathways, giving citizens a stronger voice in future development
    • Fund a full-time communications professional to manage the city website and outreach to inform citizens of important hearings related to development, ordinances, and budget
    • Create a public comment portal for residents to share concerns on specific issues and have them delivered to relevant offices and officials. Utilize communications professional to follow up on issues and interface with residents
  • Revise Medford's zoning ordinance to create a comprehensive plan for our city
    • Work with a zoning consultant to create a full plan for zoning in the city, balancing commercial and residential to meet housing and fiscal needs
  • Draft zoning to create sustainable development from a human, environmental, and fiscal view point
    • Require new large developments to include traffic management plans to mitigate the impact of new development on traffic and congestion
    • Work with developers to add public green space, use of renewable energy sources, and access to alternative transportation
    • Understand the fiscal impact of new development on the city including the balance of new costs for city services versus tax revenue and the impacts of the ratio of commercial to residential development


  • Expand senior tax deferrals so that our neighbors can afford to stay in their homes
    • Senior tax deferrals allow seniors to defer payment of real estate tax payments until their death or sale of their homes. Medford’s current annual income limit to qualify is $25,000. I will advocate for raising this to $40,000 to reflect the overall high cost of living in our area that effects those on fixed incomes
  • Expand inclusionary zoning so first time home buyers have the opportunity to buy in Medford
    • Medford’s recently passed inclusionary zoning requires new developments of 10 units or more to have at least 10% be affordable and developments of over 50 units have 15% affordable The definition of affordable is for a household making up to 80% of the area median income (AMI). I am in favor of decreasing this to six units that will require 10% to be affordable. I would also explore setting aside some of these units or additional units for households making up to 60% of AMI to ensure that those in substantial need have an opportunity for this housing.
    • This allows for more affordability, but also helps the city have more control over development by maintain the state-mandated affordable housing ratio

Infrastructure investment

  • Ensure basic maintenance funding for our public buildings
    • Work with the city budget to create a standing line item funding maintenance staff for municipal buildings to ensure their upkeep
  • Increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers
    • Increase and maintain crosswalks in the city and explore adding additional multiuse paths for pedestrians and cyclists to travel safely throughout Medford
    • Increase number of secure bike parking throughout city to encourage alternative means of travel

Supporting open and green space

  • Increase our tree canopy throughout Medford
    • Through grants and budgeting, I will work to increase our tree canopy through the city and protect existing mature growth trees. Tree coverage and green space benefit both mental and physical health of our residents
  • Require developers to add public green space in future projects
    • Draft ordinance to require developments to include green space and/or trees within their site plan to increase quality of life for residents and mitigate impact of new buildings